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All In Good Time
« on: April 18, 2009, 01:15:36 PM »
I am not to sure about this one, I am doing it at the request of one of my readers.  As anyone you reads my story?s can tell I am a big GSR fan and my stories attest to it.  The suggestion was that I draw it out a little, have them dating others.  So I am giving it a shot.  I call this story ALL IN GOOD TIME because they WILL  end up together all in good time.   


Sara stood in the shower with the hot water running over her.
  All she wanted to do was get him off her.
  Now she had an idea what a rape victim felt like.
  She had not been raped, she had just had sex.
  From the other side of the door she head his voice, ?Why did you get up so fast?  Come lay with me.?
  ?Go home,? she said, ?Get dressed and go home.?
  She heard him mumbling to himself and then she heard the bedroom door close.  She wrapped a towel around herself and looked out the window in time to see him pull away.
  She sat on the bed,face buried in her hands close to tears.
  ?What is wrong with you,? she said to herself.
  ?You wanted it, hell you even asked for it.  Why do you feel so dirty??
  She jumped form the bed when her hand felt the leftover of the sex act on her sheet.
  Quickly she stripped the bed and threw the sheets in the washer.
  She opened the window to get the smell out of the room, then she took another shower.
  She scrubbed herself almost raw before getting out, she made the bed and fell into it.
  She hated herself, she hated what she had just done.
 That night at the lab she ran into Catherine, ?How was your night??
 Sara just grunted and walked away, she did not want to talk about it. 
She plopped on the sofa in the break room and picked up a magazine. 
She was not reading it, she just did not want to talk to anyone. 
Grissom came in with assignments, ?Good,? she said to herself, ?Work.  Something to get my mind off yesterday.? 
?Warrick, you and Nick have a 419 in Seven Hills,? Gil said to the fella?s handing them a paper.
 ?Catherine, I want you to go to the hospital and process a rape victim.  Sara, you are with me.  We have a decomposing body in the Red Rock area.?
  ?Aren?t you lucky,? Nick said smiling as he left, ?Bugs and decomp.?
  ?Decomp would be better them what I was smelling,? she told herself.
 ?Catherine told me you went out last night,? Gil said making conversation on their way to the scene.  ?How did it go??
   ?Catherine had a big mouth,? Sara said making sure he know that the subject was to be dropped.
  Gil just looked straight ahead, something was bothering her but he did not know what.
  He thought they knew each other well enough, he thought she knew she could talk to him.
  Sara just sat staring out the window.
 ?Maybe he was just the wrong man,? she said to herself.
  ?You should never sleep with someone you just picked up in a bar,? she mumbled to herself she could not even remember his name.
 ?Excuse me?? Gil said thinking she was talking to him.
  ?Nothing,? she said, ?I was just talking to myself.?     


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Re: All In Good Time
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2009, 07:24:33 PM »
Great start! Love what you did with the first chapter, keep going!

billyjorja - I'll give you a head start on this one. lol  ;) :D


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Re: All In Good Time
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2009, 05:47:14 AM »
As long as they get together in the end it's OK with me.

GSRLOVER34 - I know what would get my mind off yesterday!!!!!



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All In Good Time
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2009, 11:28:45 AM »
Chapter 2

Gil did not date much but he found this lady fascinating so he asked her to a movie and dinner.
  The evening went well he thought, the food was delicious and the movie outstanding.
  They were standing outside her door talking, the next thing he knew she was kissing him.
  He backed away.  ?I thought this is what you wanted,? she said running her hand down his arm.
 At first he thought it was but now he was not sure.  ?Well I uhm?..? he stuttered.
  ?How about a drink?? she asked.  That he excepted.
 They sat on her couch, she moved a little closer to him and laid her hand on his inner thigh, very close to his crouch.
 He tensed up.  ?You are not a virgin are you?? she asked.
 ?No,? he said, ?It is just that??.?
 Before he could finish what he was saying she was kissing him, touching him through his trousers.
 He knew he should not but he was fast developing an itch that needed to be scratched.
 He let his hormones over power his common since. 
She left to use the restroom, he zipped and left the house.
This was the first time he had ever had sex with his clothing on and the first time he ever felt it was not the right thing to do.
  On the way home he chastised himself for what he had just done and vowed it would not happen that way again.
  His phone rang, it was her.  ?Where did you take off to?? she asked.
 He said something about needing to get home and ready for work.
  ?Will I see you again?? she asked.  He said he did not think so.
 ?Hey, I got what I needed,? she said.  ?No big deal if you don?t come across again, there are plenty of others out there.?
 That was when he knew he should have controlled himself.
 Something his uncle said to him a long time ago came back to him.
 They were having the ?birds and bees? talk when his uncle said, ?Never just have sex, always make love.  Sex without love is pointless, it may stop a need but in the long run it can?t make you happy.?
That was when he knew that he needed love not sex, that was when he knew he needed Sara.
  Gil sat on his couch thinking about Sara, it was strange how she kept coming into his thoughts.
  He remembered their meeting in San Frisco, he thought she was so beautiful.
 ?That?s enough of that,? he scolded himself.  ?You are her supervisor and 15 years her senior.?
  It would be - what - he could not even think of a word to describe how obscured him even attempting a relationship with her would be.
 Anyway, she could never care for him, she had all those other men.
 It was two weeks later when he knew she would be the only one for him.
  He had cut his hand while they were out on a case.
 Her touch was so  tender as she cleaned it and dressed it.
 Her hand was so soft, her eyes so beautiful, her smile so sweet and her voice sounded like that of an angel.
 He was amazed that he had not seem these qualities in her before.
  It was as if he was looking at her for the first time.
  He looked at her and seen love.   
He had to have her as his, he just did not know when or how.



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Re: All In Good Time
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Great first two chapters


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Re: All In Good Time
« Reply #5 on: April 19, 2009, 05:36:21 PM »
Great chapter!

They just need to give each other a little more time, it will happen.  ;)

billyjorja - There's really no easy way to tell you, but Grissom is mine!  ;) :D :-*


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Re: All In Good Time
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Great chapter.

GSRLOVER34 - Oh he is is he?



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Re: All In Good Time
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Finally our Grissom opens his eyes, now what?
Look forward to the next update.


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All In Good Time
« Reply #8 on: April 20, 2009, 09:17:20 AM »
Chapter 3

There had been this fella who had caught Sara?s eye.
  She wanted to give it one more try.  This time she took it slow, no jumping right into the bed.
  She got to know him, went on several dates.
  He pushed but she would not give in, sex would be when she wanted it, not just because they were horny.
  When the time finally did come she did not feel as discussed as she had the time before, she even felt good for a while.  But the feeling did not last.
 He talked her into going away with him for the weekend to the mountains.
  She thought this time would be better because she did not have to worry about going to work the next day.
  At end of shift Friday she stopped by Gil?s office and told him she was going away.
  ?Oh ok,? he said.  Did she notice a hurt look on his face?
  No it had to have been something else, it would be crazy to think that he cared.
  ?You have my number if you need me,? she said walking away.
  At her apartment she had her bags packed waiting for him to pick her up.
  The look on Gil?s face came back to her again, it was hurt she had seen.
  A car horn blew, she grabbed her bag and headed out the door, ?Leave Gil Grissom here,? she said.  ?This is my weekend.?
 The cabin was beautiful, the sunset breathtaking.
 All she could think of was how much Gil would enjoy this, about how Gil had told her and the others that he loved the peaceful feeling the mountains gave him.
 He reached for her face, his lips were almost to hers when she heard the phone ring.
 She turned away from him and picked it up.
  ?Sidle??.No I was not doing anything??..Sure??.On my way.?
 She looked at him.  ?You don?t need to go,? he said. 
?Yes,? she said.  ?But our weekend,? he said kissing her, ?I have waited for this.? 
?I am sorry,? she said.  He cursed as they loaded the car and headed back.
 ?Your job always gets in the way,? he said as she got out of the car.
 ?I?m sorry,? she said as she turned to go into her place.
 She went to her room and fell on the bed.
 The phone call was a wrong number, she thought she wanted to be with him.  How could she be with him if all she could think about was Gil?
 She would call him and make a date for tomorrow, at his house.
  Gil would not come into her mind then, would he?
 The next morning she called and apologized for the night before, they made a date for that night.
  Sara decided to surprise him and fix dinner for him at his place.
  About an hour before he expected her, she was at his door and about to knock, the door cracked opened and she heard a female voice.
  ?Bye lover,? the voice said.  ?I see you tomorrow.?
 The woman opened the door, ?Oh you must be his sister.  He said I could not spend the night this time because he was expecting you.?
 With that she left.  He opened the door, ?SISTER!? Sara said.
 ?Hey, I am a man I have needs.  You don?t want to be there to fill them.?
 That was as far as it got, Sara tossed the bag down and left.
 She did the one thing she knew she should not do, she stopped at a bar.
 She picked up  her drink and looked at it, ?My only friend.?
 A hand touched hers, ?Not your only one.?
 She looked and seen Nick standing next to her.


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Re: All In Good Time
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Great chapter!

I dare that guy treat Sara like that, what a jerk!

billyjorja - Yep, he sure is, I saw him first, what ever will you do?  ;) ;D


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Re: All In Good Time
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What a rat!!

GSRLOVER34 - Fight!!!!!!!


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All In Good Time
« Reply #11 on: April 21, 2009, 09:01:06 AM »
Ok so I am a wimp, I kept them apart as long as I could.   LOL

Chapter 4

She looked at him, ?What are you doing here? Checking up on me??
  He smiled.  ?Jack is a friend of mine,? he said sitting next to her.
  ?We play poker every other night.?  Sara just smiled.
  ?How about we go get something to eat,? he said.  ?I am starved.?
 ?Sure, it makes more since then what I was about to do,? she said smiling at him.  They went to THE BURGER SHACK, the best place in town to get a burger.  The only place in town to get a good veggie burger.
  Nick ate his burgers, she played with hers as they talked.
 ?So what brought you to Jack?s place?? he asked.
  Sara filled in him - well leaving out a few details.
  ?I seem to be running into a lot of those kind of men lately,? she said.
 ?Maybe you just have not been out the right one,?  Nick said.
 ?Speaking of the ?right one? he is at the lab all by himself.?
  Sara looked at him, ?What?  Who??
 ?Oh please Sara,? Nick said.  ?Anyone can tell he is crazy about you.? 
Sara looked at him, ?Gil??
 ?Who else,? Nick said, ?Are you the only one who can?t see the way he looks at you?  The way he melts each time you touch him?  If that ain?t  love then I don?t know what is.?
 Sara jumped up, kissed his cheek and ran out the door.
 Nick smiled, she had never touched her burger.  Oh well, he had never had a veggie burger before.
   She walked into the lab, trying to think of what to say to him.
  She stood in the doorway of his office making sure she made a noise so he would look up and see her.
  ?Thought you were off?? he said.  ?I am,? she said, ?I just left something in my locker I need.  Thought you were too.?  ?I am,? he said.
 ?Have you eaten?? she asked him.  ?No,? he said.
  ?Then lets go get something to eat,? she said smiling at him.
 ?I am not sure it would be proper,? he said, ?Me being your supervisor and?..? he hesitated a little, ?Older then you.?
 Sara smiled and took his hand, ?Even supervisors have to eat and your age only bothers you, not me.?
 He smiled.  She looked into his eyes, she seen it for the first time, the love that everyone else seen.
 She found her self back at THE BURGER SHACK again, this time she ate.
 After their burgers they went for a walk, he took her hand.
  All of a sudden nothing else mattered to him but her.  He had to taste her lips.
  He stopped, took both her hands in his so she was facing him and tenderly took her face in his hands, then he kissed her.
  Never had she felt a kiss so full of love.
 She looked at him, surprise on her face.
 ?Perhaps I should not have done that,? he said.
  ?You should have.  You defiantly should have,? she said returning his kiss.
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Re: All In Good Time
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Very sweet chapter!

Their together at last!  ;) :D

billyjorja - Bring it on!


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Re: All In Good Time
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Love the story.  If you are a wimp I am too, I like to see them together.  That fella Sara was seeing was NO man, a man dose not treat a lady that way, he is more of a dog.


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Re: All In Good Time
« Reply #14 on: April 22, 2009, 05:42:08 AM »
Great chapter.  About time they get their heads out of the microscope!!!!

GSRLOVER34 - I've still got the boxing gloves from last time!!!!