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Re: Vacation for Two (GSR)
« Reply #30 on: March 10, 2009, 11:12:42 AM »
Remorse Gil felt deep inside, how could he? Looking at his wife he had to ask, was it worth the conflict? Uprooting them both when one was happy the other wasn?t. Why couldn?t they reach a happy medium.

Why did they have to play these games.

He?d let her go, get her cry out and after they ate, try once more to convince Sara that she wanted this change as much as he longed for.

Watching her gently closing the door he started to get dinner ready.
Simple salad, stuffed eggplant. Moving around the small kitchen Gil thought of what he wanted to say to Sara.

Convincing her when it dawned on him where they both could move to and find happiness.

As he muttered around finishing up, he set the table and lite one single candle, he could hear whimpers coming from the bathroom.

Love Always Wins

Knocking on the bathroom door ?Sara open up, Sara please open the door! I have something to tell you.? She wiped her eyes and slowly opened the door.

He looked at Sara and felt a change of heart, he felt a warmth come over him. What did it matter where they lived as long as he was with her. Putting his arms around her shoulders, he brought her towards him. As they kissed he could fill Sara relaxing beneath his grip.

What seemed like eternity, Gil was the first to release his lips. He looked deep into her dark brown eyes.

?My love come sit.? they walked arm and arm and sat on the small couch.

Gil took a deep breath in as he spoke ?Sara my love whatever you want, I?ll be happy with. Let?s stay here in Vegas or San Francesco, wherever you want to go I?ll follow you.?

Sara looked puzzled ?But?..?

Gil put his finger to her lips. ?No it is I who has been selfish, only wanting what I want. Not listening to my one true love. Lets go to bed, and in the morning we?ll pack our bags and head back home.?

Trying to tilt her head up to see what she was thinking, she whispers ?But, I thought you wanted to move. I don?t understand? What changed?? not waiting for his reply she spoke again. ?If you are sure??

Gil ? Yes I know more than anything I am sure. When I said the words ?I do? I meant it. I do, want to stay here in Vegas with you.? they kissed again, and deep inside Sara wasn?t quite convince Gil wanted to truly stay. A idea came to her. Slowly pulling away from his kiss, she looked at him.

?I have a plan that might make us both happy.? looking at her, he knew that look all to well. ?Okay Sara what is your plan??

Choosing the right words, she slowly laid out to Gil what they could do to make them both happy.

?You always wanted to do research, and I have always wanted to save the environment, correct?? Sara didn?t wait for a reply, she kept going ? I had a offer to go to Costa Rica a year ago, at that time I wasn?t ready and turned them down. They told me the offer was always available, and they have a small research facility that you and I both would enjoy. All I have to do when we get back into town is make one phone call, and we are on our way. So Gil what do you think? You could still teach and do whatever you choose to and this would solve both our issues. Guess moving on isn?t so bad, is it? ?

He couldn?t utter a word, he stared at his wife speechless. Sara looked at her husband, he looked concerned, she couldn?t understand why this confused him.

?Gil this is exactly what you wanted, to leave, and know that I?m game, why aren?t you? Say something please!??

?A, well, it?s rather a shocker my love, my answer is?????


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Re: Vacation for Two (GSR)
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Fair Well

?My answer is Yes! If you are sure this is what you want to do? God yes lets leave as soon as we can. Are you sure Sara Sidle? I don?t want you looking back 10 or 20 years from now with regrets.?

Still shocked by her words, Gil could only stare in disbelief at his lovely bride.

Taking her into his arms, he kiss her hair, moving his way down to her lips. As they their eyes met she whispered ?no regrets Mr Grissom.? that?s all it took, he couldn?t help himself. Grabbing Sara and bringing her to the floor he gently undressed his wife and made love to her.

Several Months Later

Moving day had come, seemed like forever. Packing of boxes, getting everything in order. Some went to storage, some they gave to different friends.

Catherine and Nick were helping load the last of the boxes, when Sara walked over and ask Catherine if her and Nick could come sit down and chat for a moment with her and Gil.

?Sure? Catherine said.

?Catherine you are in charge now, take care of each member, and try not to be to hard on them.?

Catherine smiled as she tried to hold back a tear. ?Sure Gilbert I?ll treat them as my own children.?

They all laughed, Gil turned to Nick, as he started to speak Hank jumped up. Nick gave him a pet. ?Sit Hank.? Hank sat with his head propped on Nicks lap. ?Yeah about Hank.? looking at Nick ?Could you do me a favor Nick?? he paused and kept speaking ? I know you may not want him, I wouldn?t trust Hank with any one other then you. Could you take him? It won?t be forever.?

Nick piped up ?Hell yah! I?ll take Hank.? petting the dog. Grissom looked at Sara ?You thought it?d be hard.? He smiled and kissed his wife.

Nick and Catherine blushed at how passionate Sara and Gil?s kiss became. Catherine nudged Nick as he cleared his throat.

Gil and Sara smiled at each other. ?Sorry guys you know how it is??

Catherine laughed ? Oh sure, I know how it feels to love, or be in love like you two are. No Sara I don?t, and it?s okay cause maybe someday I?ll get as lucky as you two are.?

Laughing, they got up and heading to the car. Sara and Gil gave Hank a hug as they got into the car, Hank let out a bark and ran over to Nick.

Sara spoke ? He?ll be just fine and so will we, won?t we my love?? Gil smiled as he looked at his wife, yes Mrs Grissom, Hank will be fine. You ready my love??

Sara looked around and waved to Nick and Catherine ?Yes I am ready for a new chapter in our life. Shall we go Mr Grissom?? The smiled at each other and said their goodbyes. Waves and tears all around as they drove off to the airport into their next chapter of Mr and Mrs Grissom new adventures.

Might add one or two more chapter, not sure yet? If not this is end. Thank you for all your kind replies and hope you enjoyed reading this fan fic, as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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Re: Vacation for Two (GSR)
« Reply #32 on: March 10, 2009, 11:54:54 AM »
Great start  keep it up


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Re: Vacation for Two (GSR)
« Reply #33 on: March 11, 2009, 07:04:59 AM »
Would like more, but if this is the end can you please put a note to say that when you decide.



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Re: Vacation for Two (GSR)
« Reply #34 on: March 11, 2009, 03:36:05 PM »
Would like more, but if this is the end can you please put a note to say that when you decide.


Hi trisha

Thank you for all your replies on the many sites I have posted this fan fic. I am sorry to say it has come to a end. I need to work on my Drunken Grissom (dunks behind couch) and have a NCIS as well as a House MD fan fic that I need to finish and now me and jjtowers are going to co-write a cross over fan fic with CSI, House and NCIS funny one with little smurks here and their........hmm abby, catherine, wendy, ziva up against House MD who do you think will be out numbered. Oh and need to finish up one that lad1982 has begged me to finish. That one is a very long two parter will repost it on Viva don't think it is fitting for all the young eyes on this forum.

again thank you to everyone who read this ff sorry it has come to a end.



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Re: Vacation for Two (GSR)
« Reply #35 on: March 11, 2009, 07:05:54 PM »
Great story!

Looking forward to continue reading Drunken Grissom.


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Re: Vacation for Two (GSR)
« Reply #36 on: March 12, 2009, 06:32:40 AM »
Thanks V.  Looking forward to more of Drunken Grissom.

Can't wait for your cross-over.  Bet Abby (I love Abby) gives Catherine a run for her money.