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Drunken Grissom
« on: March 10, 2009, 11:17:14 AM »
Toying with this fan fic for a very long time: Came to me after Sara left and before One To Go.

Grissom sat in his darken office, deadened by Sara words. Reaching for a bottle of whiskey Brass had given him, he poured himself a tall shot and another. He kept downing each shot as if it were water. Before he could finish his 5th shot, he knew he was stone cold drunk.

Pushing back his chair he tried to get up, he slurred her name "Saaaaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaa......Saaaaaaaaaaara."

Silence echoed in Sara Sidles ears as she sat in the locker room looking down at her shaking hands. Total undeniable silence that burned into her soul, leaving a gaping wound, so deep she thought she would never recover.

"Shoot" she could hear him yelling her name.

Quickly she grabbed her coat as she slipped out the back exit. Sara headed towards her car. What brought the madness on? His ignorance of her once again, her words leading out into open space, casting their pain into an endless void of darkness, as Grissom once more chose not to hear her.

Earlier in the week

Sara walked past Grissom door, calling out to Sara ?Could I speak with you for a moment Miss Sidle.? Puzzle she did as he asked.

?What?s up Grissom?? leaning forward she whispers ? are we still on for tonight?? giving him a wink.

Grissom ? About tonight..? He hesitated looked down at his desk ?I hate to break our date, we have a case, actually I have a case. Unfinished from two years ago, you know how it is. New evidence to process and ummm.? he stopped as he picked up a pen and piece of paper and started to fiddling with them.

?Oh, that?s okay, how about you meet me at my place later, or I could make it easier and come over to yours?? stopping for a moment, and glancing at Grissom still fiddling with the pen and paper. ? Grissom is there something you need to tell me??

Not looking up, he remarked ?No not really, you go home. We can make it??Brass peeped his head in ?Grissom time to head over to Lady Heathers.? before he could get out his last words he realized Sara was sitting there. Sara turned around and glared at Brass and back at Grissom.

Why didn?t you tell me! This is your case! Are you so??..? anger set in, Sara knew their past, Grissom and Lady Heather. He?d promised her he?d never set foot around her again.

Yelling out ? Promise indeed, why can?t you keep your side of a bargain.? before he could answer she stormed out of his office and headed to the locker room. Got her things and left.

Stunned Grissom wanted to tell Sara why he was seeing Lady Heather, knew he couldn?t.

Starts out confusing, putting scene into focus soon will fall into place. Please hang tight.  Replies would be grateful  ;D


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Re: Drunken Grissom
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2009, 11:20:43 AM »
Great start!

I hope Sara kicks his a$$ later for that! lol


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Re: Drunken Grissom
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2009, 02:04:26 PM »
Please continue - we need to know why Grissom is going to see LH


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Re: Drunken Grissom
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2009, 05:11:18 PM »
OkAy well you got me hooked more soon please  ;D


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Re: Drunken Grissom
« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2009, 03:49:24 PM »
Thanks all here is a quick update replies needed for another update and more then one.


Sara thought to herself, no point in crying, she mustn?t, who would even hear her tears?

Turning around and smacked into Greg, the force knocking her to the pavement.

"Oh god! I am so sorry Sara!" Greg gasped, as he dropped to his knees and helped her up "I didn?t know you hadn?t seen me.?

"Greg it?s ok," reaching out to take his hand he offered her. "Honest Greg am alright."

Not convinced of Sara?s words, he knew so often she tried to pretend her inner hurt never existed. He wanted desperately to reach out, to cradle her face in his hands to look into her eyes?.

Slowly he bent forward and stopped for a moment. Greg looked at Sara cupping her face in his hands "I know you Sar," he told her "you can be straight with me, I know you're not ok."

"I just? Oh Greg I wasn?t paying attention and didn?t see you and??? she protested "look..."

"I'm not talking about this? he told her, his hands slowly released Sara?s face, he ran a finger down her arm, and linked his hand into hers.

Startled Sara wanted to protest, as she blurted out ?What are you talking about Greg? Are you?. am I and Gil?oh no it?s not what you are thinking. Greg Sanders how could you think such things!" she lied, averting her eyes away from his, unable to withstand his touch she couldn't look into Greg?s eyes.

"Sara?" he asked softly, his finger reaching back up to her face, he tried to turn her head upwards "You know you can tell me anything. I've seen the little dance you and Grissom seem to be doing, and I know it's hurting you. I am here for you.?

"No, Greg let me be please! " she whispered and turned towards her car "I can't do this.?

"Ok," he told her, giving her hug, refusing to let her go "Maybe another time, am always their for you.?

"Thanks" she whispers as she got in her car and drove away, leaving a bewildered Greg Sanders watching in the dark.

Grissom felt defeated
, why did Sara have to be there? ?Let?s go Brass? as both men headed outside they ran into Greg who gave Grissom a evil look.

?Hey Greg why are..?? Greg didn?t say a word and headed inside.

"Is it me or am I getting it from all angles. Damn am I in trouble or what?"

Brass laughed knowing he wasn?t the best of judgment when it came to employees, love and war. ?Ready?? Brass asked

Grissom replied ?Sure let?s go.? As they headed towards Heathers house, the men chattered about the case at hand.

Brass pulled up at Heathers, the lights were dim inside. As both men got out of the car and waked towards her front door. Brass knocked first, it took awhile before they heard footsteps. Heather smiled as she saw Grissom and invited the men in.

Brass cleared his throat ? Thanks, am going to pass. Um Grissom if you need me, call ok?? he patted his friend on the back as Grissom walked in and the door closed leaving Brass out in the cold.

Gentle with your replies please :) more to come if you are still interested?


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Re: Drunken Grissom
« Reply #5 on: March 11, 2009, 07:11:29 PM »
Great chapter!

I'll be as gentles as I possibly can when it comes to LH. lol

He better behave himself while he's there!


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Re: Drunken Grissom
« Reply #6 on: March 12, 2009, 02:27:30 PM »
still liking it more when you can please . :D


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Re: Drunken Grissom
« Reply #7 on: March 13, 2009, 06:49:45 AM »
Love this story V.



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Re: Drunken Grissom
« Reply #8 on: March 13, 2009, 07:23:03 AM »
Yes very interested, update soon.