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« on: October 05, 2008, 07:12:45 PM »
Hay all,

Just to let you know I will be posting my fanfic on here soon.  If you can't wait it is on the following sites aswel.

Thank you for being paitent.



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Re: Fog
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Hurrah! Your story will be here! Yay! Yeaaaaahhh!!! I'll wait it!


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Re: Fog
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Chapter 1 - Mystery Man

San Francisco ? August 2011

Tuesday ? 07:30

The morning mist was just lifting.  A slender built figure was standing under a birch tree, lighting a cigarette watching the house across from him.  The house was just like any other in the street.  The man moved into the trees? shadow as a woman appeared in the doorway, followed by a boy.  He watched them get into their car and pull out of the driveway.  The man followed them for two blocks; the boy was dropped off at playgroup.  He stayed watching the boy until his mum came and collected him.

Thursday ? 16:00

The three year old was playing out in the yard.  The man was watching from his usual spot under the birch tree; smoke protruding from his mouth.  He finished smoking, tossed the butt into the trashcan and started to approach the house.  As he reaches half way across the road, the boys? mother came out.  She tells him to put away his toys and come in for his tea.

The boy finished putting his toys away and ran up the steps to the porch.  As he did so the woman noticed a figure pause in the middle of the road, and then carry on towards the house.  The mother told her son to go and wash up.  As he went into the house, her gaze fell back upon the man approaching her home.  The man smiled at her politely and walked by.  The woman watched the man walk to the end of the street before she went in, to see her son.

Friday ? 07:30

The slender built man sat in his car waiting for the woman and her son to leave.  As she pulled out of the drive he started his engine; waited a few minutes then followed her to playgroup.  She did exactly the same as before the last four days he watched.

Friday ? 14:30

As the last bell of the day sounded, the woman got out of her car and waited for that familiar face of her son.  She started to worry as the last few children came out of the gates.  Panic now started to settle in her stomach.  She could see her son?s teacher packing her SUV.  She shouted over.
?Is he playing with the class hamster??
?No, he left with his uncle.?
The colour had gone from her face, she felt dizzy.  The teacher was now next to her holding her arm asking if she was ok.  She managed to mumble, ?His uncle is out of town, and won?t be back for two more days.?
?He had a note saying it was ok for him to collect your son.  It had your signature on it.?
?Oh!  Maybe he came home early to surprise us.?  Feeling a bit better she got into her car and drove home.


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Re: Fog
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Chapter 2 ? Homeward Bound

Friday ? 16:05

She pulled into the driveway.  No sign of her brothers silver thunderbird.  Maybe he parked it out of sight to surprise me, she thought.  She got out of the car, sensing something was amiss, she picked up her mail and went to the front door.  As she turned the key, she got that feeling again in the bottom of her stomach.  She pushed the door open and walked in.


There was no one there.  She began to ring round his friends, but they all said the same.  Her mind was spinning and didn?t know what to do next.  She phoned the police.  While she waited for them she phoned her brother, to let him know what was going on and to make sure he was still out of town on a conference.  He mentioned to her that maybe it was time to ring the one person she could count on for help.  She contemplated for a while as she waited for the police.

Friday ? 16:30
Knock knock.
She leapt up off the sofa and answered the door.  Two uniformed police officers stood waiting.  They came into the house and started asking questions.  Sara answered all of their questions and had given them a photo of her son.  The lady officer was to stay with her in case any contact was made.

Sara was pacing, she started to go through her mail.  She flipped through the envelopes and stopped.  The one she stopped at was a plain envelope with no postage marks.  Hand delivered? She thought.  Sara went into the kitchen dug out a pair of forensic gloves and got a knife to open it.  She unfolded the piece of paper to find a message on it made from newspaper clippings.

The message said

It?s payback time.
You were lucky they found you all those years ago.
I?m the reason behind your parents fighting.
No one can stop me this time.

Sara ran to the phone.  She rang the only person who could help her.

Friday ? 19:25

A knock at the door
The police officer opened the door.  She showed the man in.  Sara was sitting in the armchair, curled up holing her son?s teddy bear.  The man walked over to her. 
?How are you holding up??  He said.
?As well as can be expected.?  She replied.
?Don?t worry, we?ll find him.?
?I don?t think we?ll get him back.?  She answered pointing at the envelope and letter on the table.  He read it, bagged it and turned to Sara ?It?s time to go home.?
Sara nodded.  She had packed an overnight bag while she waited.  She put the bear inside, did it up and went to the car.  The uniform officer was told to keep an eye on the house until her brother got back.  The two of them headed for the airport.

Friday ? 23:45

As they were coming through arrivals, Sara said, ?This is a good idea, isn?t it??
?Yes? Brass said.  ?It?s time he found out.?
?What about the others??
?I wouldn?t worry about the others that much.?
It seemed a long drive to the lab.  When they got there, Brass said ?Are you ready??
?No!  I guess nothing worse could happen.?  They went in.


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Re: Fog
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Chapter 3 ? A Dark Night For All

Safely in the interview room Sara could breathe more easily.  ?Are you alright??  Brass asked as he closed the blinds.  ?Yes.?  Sara replied as she got herself a cup of water.  ?Do you think anyone noticed us??  ?No, nearly everyone?s out in the field.?  ?I?ll go and see if Gil is back.?

Before Brass left he looked back at Sara, who had returned to picking at her nails, like on the plane.

Jim knocked on Gil?s door.  No answer.  ?Guess he?s not back yet.?  Jim continued down the hall to the break room.  He got a couple of cans from the vending machine.  He started back towards Gil?s office.
?Hay Jim!? A familiar voice echoed behind him.  ?I thought you where on leave for a few more days.?
?I am.  I?m here on a personal matter.  Have you seen Gil, Catherine??
?He?s on his way back from a scene.  Why??
?I just need to speak with him.  Can you let me know when he gets back please??
With that Jim went into the interview room.

?Thought you might like something with a bit of sugar.? Jim said as he placed the cans onto the table.  ?Gil?s on his way back.  I thought I?ll wait here with you until then.?  Sara sat in silence, concentrating all of her energy on the cans.

Grissom?s Office

Gil was sitting behind his desk, flipping through his mail.  He stopped at a plain white envelope with a typed address, but no postage marks.  Instincts told him to be careful.  He got his letter opener; in one cut the envelope was open.  He removed the contents, opened it and read.

Dear Mr G. Grissom
You don?t know me, but I know all about you and your family.  You are reading this, which means my plan has worked.  The chain of events to follow wont be nice for you but; if you cooperate, in the end everyone will be fine.  When you find out what I have done, which will probably be in a few minuets, you will be shocked.  I have done bad things in the past and have paid for it.  But the one that got away.  I need to finish it.  Until the time is right I will make contact.  Again I assure you.  Everything will become clear and those involved will be fine.

As Grissom looked up from the letter he saw Brass standing in the doorway, with a puzzled look on his face.  ?I thought you were out of town for a couple of days.?
?I was! Something came up.?
?I need your help with an interview.  No one seems to be free.?
?Sure.  Are you in room 1??
?Give me 5 minuets.?


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Re: Fog
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Chapter 4 ? Lost Love

Interview Room 1

Brass was walking back towards where Sara was hiding.  He bumped into Catherine.
?Hay Jim.?
?Oh! Hi.?
?Are you ok??
?Yeah my minds? somewhere else.?
?Want to talk about it??
?Not right now.  It?s not up to me.?
?Has it got to do with Sara hiding in the interview room??
?How did you know she was there??
?I left a case file in there and went to get it.  I think I made her jump!  Dose Gil know she?s here??
?Not yet!  He will when he?s done doing whatever he?s doing.?
?Is she ok?  She?s not herself.?
?I let you know after Gil has spoken to her.? 
With that Brass knocked and went in.  Sara looked up.  ?He?s not coming is he??
?He?ll be here in a bit.  Are you ready to see him??
?No.  But I don?t think I?ll ever be ready.?

Knock, knock

Brass looked at Sara who nodded.  He opened the door a jar, saw Grissom and let him enter.  Sara had now moved to a standing position with her back towards the door.
?How can I help you Jim?? Gil asked.  At the sound of his voice Sara could feel shivers down her back.  Brass looked at Sara and said.? When you?re ready, I?ll be outside.?  With that Brass left them alone.
?How can I help you miss?? Gil said as he sat down.  Sara felt a tear roll down her check.
?I?m sorry you?re being dragged into this.  I don?t know what else to do.  I wont blame you if you hate me and never want to see me ever again.?  With a raised eyebrow he said ?Sara??  She slowly turned round.  She was holding her sons? teddy bear.  Sara sat opposite Gil and started to tell him about the days events.  As she got near to the end, she started picking at her nails, and keeping her eyes focused on the floor.    She finished telling Gil what had happened to the child.
?I don?t know what I can do.  Are the parents on their way??
With that Sara looked Gil straight in the eyes and said ?The child that got taken.  He?s mine Gil.?
?I?m sorry I didn?t know.  Jim didn?t say anything.?
?That?s because I told him not to.  I wanted to tell you myself.  There?s something else I need to tell you.?
?My son.  He?s yours!?  Sara was now standing again with her back towards Gil.  Grissom just sat in his chair taking it all in.
?You hate me don?t you?  Of course you do!  I?ve kept this a secret from you for 3 years.? Grissom put his hands on her shoulders.  He felt her jump.
?The past is the past.  What matters now is getting our son back.? Gil turned Sara around so he could look her in the eyes. He put his hand on her cheek and brushed her tears away.
?I?ve missed you.? Gil said as he put his arms round her.

This was the first time in a long while that Sara felt safe.  Grissom could feel her relief.

?Did you bring your letter??
?Yes.  Jim bagged it and put it in my bag.?
?Can I have it?  I?ll get Catherine working on it right away.?
?Does she know anything??
?Only that I?m back.  I was very distant with her.?
?That?s understandable.  Do you want me to tell her the basics to the case??
?Yeah.  I?ll tell her the rest when she?s free if that?s ok with you??
?Don?t worry we?ll get him back.  And don?t worry about the others; they?ve missed you.  We all have missed you.?
Sara started to cry again.  Gil left the room to find Catherine.


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Re: Fog
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Chapter 5 ? What Are Friends For

?Everything ok Gil??
?Yeah.  Have you seen Catherine??
?I think she?s in the break room.?
?Thank you Jim.?
?I didn?t do anything.?
?Yes you did.  You know what I mean! Can you sit with her till I get back?  I don?t want her to be alone anymore.?
?Sure thing.?

Break room

?Catherine!  Can I have a word please??
?Sure, what?s up??
?Can you process these please?  They?re personal, so I need strict confidence on them.?
?Has this got to do with why Sara has suddenly reappeared??
?Yes.  She wants to fill you in herself, soon as you?re done.?
?I?ll be as quick as I can.?
?Thank you.?

Grissom was on his way back to Sara and Jim, when he saw Nick.
?Nick!? Grissom yelled.
?What ever has happened it wasn?t me!?  Nick stopped and replied.
?What have you done?  Never mind, can you go to the deli for me??
?Yeah.  What do you want??
?Something vegetarian and pick up something chocolaty.?
?No worries, I?ll be 10 minuets.?  Griss gone veggie, Nick thought to himself.
?Thank you.  Oh! Bring it to interview room 1 and knock.?
?Ok.? With that he was gone.

Grissom entered back into the room.  Sara was sitting opposite Jim who was trying to have a conversation with her.

?Jim.  Have you heard anything from the San Francisco police??

?Not yet.  I?ll go and give them a call.?  Jim exited the room.  Grissom sat next to Sara and took her hand.  He felt her tremble this time.  He moved his chair closer.
?You look exhausted.  When?s the last time you ate??
?Lunch.  About 1pm.?
?That?s 13 hours ago.  I?ve sent for food for you.  You?ll need your strength.?
?Thank you.?
?While we wait, why don?t you tell me about our son??


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Chapter 6 ? Aaron

?Well, he?s 3 years old.  He was born on the 4th of July ?08.  He has my eyes, and the rest.  The rest is you.  He?s advanced for his age.?
?I?ve got a picture of him somewhere.?
  Sara passed Gil the photograph.
As Gil study every detail of Aaron, he felt Sara rest her head on his shoulder.  He put his arm round her.  Grissom found himself thinking of what could have been the last 3 years.  If he only went after Sara that day she slipped away.  A knock at the door soon brought him back to the present.
?Who?s there??
?It?s Nick.?
?Come in, but be quiet.?  Nick creped in; carrying a paper bag and a couple of coffees.
?Here?s your food Gil.  Thought you might need some drinks.?
?Thanks Nick.? Nick placed the items on the table.  He looked up and realised there was a woman lying in Grissoms? arms.  He had to take another look.  He realised it was Sara.
?I?ll explain later.?  Gill said.  Nick nodded and left the room.  Just then Brass came in.
?You ok??
?Yes.  Just taking in how much Aaron looks like me.? Brass smiled at his old friend. 
Another knock on the door.
?It?ll be Catherine.?  Gil said.  ?Let her in.?  Jim did as requested.
?No prints or DNA from either letter.? Sara started to stir.
?Sorry I didn?t mean to wake you.?
?That?s ok.  I didn?t mean to fall asleep.?  Sara was shocked to find that she was laying on Gil.
?Your sandwich is there.? Gil said.
?Thank you, but I don?t feel like eating anything.?
?Please try.  It?s been a long time since you last eaten.?  Sara picked up the bag and pulled out the sandwich.

Grissom got up and was pacing as he read Sara?s letter.  He sat down again and began comparing them.  He walked over to Brass, who was in the corner.
?I think they are after Sara!?
?Why?s that?? Grissom pointed at Sara?s letter.

You where lucky they found you all those years ago.

Then he pointed at his letter.

I have done bad things in the past and have paid for it.  But the one that got away.

They both looked at Sara, who was trying to eat.
?Poor kid.? Said Brass.  ?I?ll see if we can trace this maniac.?
?Ok, I?ll try and see if Sara can remember anything from her childhood, apart from the obvious.?  With that Brass left.


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Chapter 7 ? Young Sara

It was a cool summers day.  A young Sara sat in the front yard playing; waiting for her brother to come home from school.  Her mother was doing laundry and preparing supper.   While her dad busy selling cars. 

?My brother came racing round the corner on his bike.  He jumped off it leaving it on the drive.  He ran through the gate picked me up and took me inside.
?I hope you haven?t left your bike in the drive again.  Your farther will be home soon.?  Mum said.
?I?ll move it in a minuet.  Come see the news.? We sat watching the news.
?Another kid has gone missing, mum.?  He said.
?How many dose that make now??  Mum said
?Four.?  He said.
?You best put your bike away.  I?ll bring Sara and watch you.  Your dad will be back in 10 minuets.?  Mum said
?Ok.  Do I have to go to school tomorrow?  What if that man is near here; who?s going to protect you and Sara??  He said.
?I?ll be fine, and so will Sara.?  Mum said.
?But.?  He said.
?No more buts.  Supper will be ready in 30 minuets.  Just enough time to do your homework.?  Mum said. 
After he did his homework he set the table, while mum plated up.  He then told dad supper was ready, while mum sorted me out.  After supper, we got ready for bed.  My brother sat in my room and read me a story.  I was soon asleep.  I heard him get up from the chair; he tucked me in and gave me a kiss on the head.  ?Sleep well and be safe Sara.?  I heard him whisper.  Then he left my room.  The next day, dad went to work and my brother went to school.  I watched mum do the breakfast dishes.?

Sara looked at Gil.  ?That?s the only pleasant memory I can remember.?
?What happened after that??
?I can?t remember.  All that comes to mind is the fighting and arguing.?


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Re: Fog
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Chapter 8 ? Support From The Unexpected

?Are you up for visitors??
?Sure I need to talk to them.?
?I?ll round everyone up.?  Grissom went to the break room where he found Nick and Warrick.  ?Can you go to interview room 1?"  Grissom hurried out before they could answer.  They both exchanged looks and got up.  Grissom found Catherine in the trace lab and grabbed her.  They both went on a search for Greg.
?That boy?s never around when you need him!?
?Gil.  Hodges saw him go into the locker room.?

Locker room

?Greg! Come on we need you.?
  Grissom saw Ecklie coming.  He did not look particular pleased.  Grissom rushed them into the interview room.
?Jim.  Ecklie is on the warpath.  Can you keep him busy??
?I?ll try.?   
?Do whatever you have to.  Even if you need to tell him.?

Sara began to tell everyone what has gone on.  Why she was back.  Why she left.  While this was going on Ecklie cornered Brass into where his CSI?s were.  They had gone into the observation room where he could listen to what was being said.

As everyone was leaving, Ecklie called them all into his office.  Although he knew what was going on; he demanded that someone told him what they?d been up to.

?No one?s going to tell me.  Fine?? Before he could finish Gil came into his office.
?We were having a meeting.?  Ecklie sent the others back to work.
?I know what you were doing, Gil.  You should of come to me for help.  Before you say anything, I want you to make this top priority.  But I do need these cases finishing; I need you to spear Brown and Stokes to do them.  They are quick and efficient so it won?t take them long to join you.  What?s your next move??
?We?re digging up the past and waiting for the next contact.?
?How?s Sara holding up??
?To be honest, she?s putting on a brave face.?
?Remember? If you need anything just ask.?
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Re: Fog
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Chapter 9 ? Where to look next?

?Sir, a package has arrived for you.  I put it on your desk.?
?Thank you.  Do you know who dropped it off??
?A local courier did, he?s not left yet.?
?Can you detain him till Brass gets there??
?I?ll try, he seems to be in a rush.?

?Brass, go to the front desk and detain the courier.  I?ve received a package.?
?On it.?

Gil went to his office.  He put on a pair of forensic gloves and opened it.  He revealed a tape recorder.  He hit the play button.

Tape message

Your son is alive.  He is in a safe place. 
You know this place very well.
By the time you figure where we are we will be gone.
Don?t worry I have left you clues to find us.
You like puzzles don?t you.

Gil took the tape to Archie.  Brass came in.
?He doesn?t know anything.  I?ve sent uniform to collect the CCTV tapes to go through from the depot.?

It took Archie awhile to pin point background noises, but he finally narrowed it down to an apartment block just off the north end of the strip.

Grissom sent Catherine and Warrick.

Crime scene

As they approached the apartment block they saw a squad car outside.  They got out, grabbed their kits and went in.


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Re: Fog
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Chapter 10 ? Sara?s Apartment

They approached the officers.
?You?re quick we just phoned through the scene!?
?We didn?t get a call about the scene.  We?re here about something else.?
?I?ll give Griss a call.?
?What happened??
?We got a call from the neighbour, saying strange noises where coming from this apartment.  She said the lady that rent?s it went away yesterday.?
?Yeah, when we got here there was no answer so we broke in.  That?s when we found the body in the bedroom.?
?There?s also a message on the wall for Grissom.?
?That?s why we called you guys.?

?I?ll start to process the bedroom.?
?I?ll start in here then.?
They both worked quickly gathering what little evidence they could find.  Catherine had just finished processing the bedroom when David turned up for the body.  David recorded the body temp.  ?She?s been dead for 8 hours.  Causes of death.  Knife to the throat. But there?s not enough blood to suggest she was killed here."
?We found the blood.?
?It?s in the bathtub!?
?Still?  What?s it doing in there??
?Guess he didn?t have a pen and paper.  He?s left Griss a message on the wall.?
?You know this place looks familiar to me.?
?Yeah, me too.?

Just then Greg came through the door.

?What are you doing here? We?re done.?
?When uniform rang through, Grissom sent me down.  Thought you might need help.  He wants us to process this apartment thoroughly and the roof and basement.?
?We?ll we?re done in here.  Why the roof and basement??
?Don?t you guys know where we are??
?Well it looks familiar.?
?This is Sara?s old apartment!?


Warrick took the roof and Catherine and Greg took the basement.  Warrick soon joined Catherine and Greg.

?Nothing?s up there!?
?So far we found 2 foot prints.  Greg?s just finishing with them, and a set of prints.  Guess they belong to a child very small.?


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Chapter 11 ? Back At The Lab

Grissom was pacing up and down the corridor.  He had convinced Sara to move out of the interview room to his office.  She was resting on the sofa.  She had managed to fall asleep again.  Her mind was wondering back to when she was young.

Sara?s Dream

After her mum had done the dishes, she took Sara outside to put out the next load of washing.  While she was hanging the garments, the phone rang.  Her mum went inside to answer it.  She picked up the phone, walked to the kitchen window to check on Sara who was playing.  The phone call lasted 30 minuets.  When she went back out to bring Sara in for her nap, she could not find her anywhere.  Sara saw her mum at the window; she had a huge grin on her face and waved.  A man had come up to the fence.  He started to talk to Sara.  He managed to lure her out of the yard and to his car.  She vaguely remembered something about kittens and wanted to see them.  The man had said they where in his car.  He helped her into the back of the car.  He locked her in and drove off.

Gil came back into his office for a file Ecklie needed.  He saw Sara was fighting in her sleep.  He shook her lightly.  ?You?re having a bad dream.?

?I remembered some more.? She said, with tears falling down her face.  She told Gil what had happened.  He pulled her into a tight hug and whispered, ?You?re safe now.?

Meanwhile, Catherine, Warrick and Greg came back to the lab with their evidence.  They started to process it.


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Chapter 12 ? The Message

Warrick got Gil and Brass to show them the message.  ?It was written on the wall in the victims blood.?



Sara appeared in the layout room.

?Are you ok??
?I had another bad dream.  I couldn?t find anyone.  I got scared.?
?You?re safe here.? Gil went and hugged her.
?What have you found??
?He was in your old apartment.?
?Did you find Aaron??
?No.  Just a message.?
?What did it say??
?Not here.  Lets go back to the office.?


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Chapter 13 ? Unlucky For Some

Grissoms Office

?What?s wrong??
?He wants a trade.  He wants you and he?ll let Aaron go.?
?How long before we the have to trade??
?About 2 hours.  We?re waiting for the location?  I?ve just got you back.  I don?t want to lose you again.?
?I know you don?t have the parental bond with Aaron, but he?s my life.  I need him.  I need to know he?s safe.  This is the one thing I can give him and you.  The fact that I?ll know he?s alive and with you is all I need.  Gil you know how much I love you.  I can?t see any other way of getting him back safely.  I?m going to do this.?
?And you?re my life?  Sara I don?t know what I?ll do with out you.?
?Just promise me you?ll look after Aaron, what ever happens to me.?  Both of them had tear welling up in their eyes.  They knew there was a chance that they may not see each other ever again.