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The Invisible
« on: October 24, 2008, 06:09:46 PM »
Well. I guess I need to repost this story too! Hopefully I'll get in some of the beginning chapters in tonight & then I can start writing new ones again eventually! :)

<3 Shannon


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2008, 07:51:14 PM »
I can't wait

I have missed this story


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2008, 03:12:37 AM »
Hi! I miss your story every day since old board closed. I can't wait to read it again! :D


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2008, 02:37:26 PM »
Hi! I miss your story every day since old board closed. I can't wait to read it again! :D

That goes for me too cant wait for you to post it on this site and catch up :D


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #4 on: October 25, 2008, 02:49:10 PM »
I want to read it,too!

P.S.I saw your page at You tube.You have nice voice  ;D


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #5 on: October 25, 2008, 08:17:09 PM »
Thank you Tamara! :D
& to everyone else, I'm about to post the first few chapters now.


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #6 on: October 25, 2008, 08:40:38 PM »
Phew! Good thing I saved this story to my computer! Or that would've been months of hard work down the drain!

Chapter 1:

               Cereal, waffles, bagels, ah, here we are, bread. She thinks to herself as she spots the loaf of bread she was looking for and sets if from the shelf and into her shopping cart. She then checks 'bread' off of her shopping list that she had been carrying with her. That's what she did every week since she arrived in San Francisco. Every Sunday she'd help out her mom and go out shopping for her. After all, that's who Sara had been staying with for the past five months. Sara proceeded to the checkout as she paid for her items, walked out through the automatic doors of the mini-mart, and walked to her car to begin the short drive to what she had been calling home for five months now. But that night, she would say her final goodbye to San Francisco and return to her real home, back in Las Vegas. Sara was finally ready to leave. When she arrived in San Fran back in November she had no place to go except to Laura Sidle's house. A woman she had hated for years. A woman she had avoided for even longer. But this woman was her mother, and she couldn't be avoided forever. When Sara showed up, they didn't reach the subject of her father's death for almost two weeks afterwards. Which followed with an even longer period of silence between the two until they were actually able to 'talk' to each other. Visiting her father's grave was the next step; and one of the hardest to do. She had gone on a chilly January day. It reminded her of the day she had been there last; back when she was a scared little girl. She wasn't a little girl anymore; yet she was still scared. Visiting her father's grave finally helped her to realize that what was done, was done. The past; it's done; it's unchangeable. Move on. That's what she had to say to herself for three days after the visit to the cemetery. Three days and she could finally forgive her mother. It had taken her a total of one month, two weeks, and three days after her arrival, until she could do it. While crying for the first time since she left Las Vegas, the team, and most importantly, Gil Grissom.

               Sara had never felt guiltier in her life than the day she had left him with nothing but a letter and a broken heart. But sadly, she had to do it that way. If she would have talked to him about it, Grissom would have tried to talk her out of it; and she wouldn't have been able to handle that. She could feel herself slowly slipping away, and before she let anyone see her fall, she needed to catch herself. And as far as she was currently concerned, she had done that, and now it was time for her to go back to her real home. She missed everything. She missed Grissom, and Catherine, and Nick, and Warrick, and Greg, and even the blistering hot Las Vegas days!

               Sara turned left onto her old street where she had spent the first twelve years of her life. They were filled with memories; most of them unpleasant. And through all of the people that had came and gone in Sara Sidle's life, there was always that person or two that she could never catch a break from. Jason Hughes was one of those people. He and Sara had been neighbors while she was growing up and she could probably give you a book full of words to describe him, but decided to keep it simple. He was a bully; in every sense of the word. Jason Hughes gave her physical and emotional abuse throughout her childhood and contributed to her suffering as a young girl. When she was eight and he was twelve, he knocked her down and slammed her head into the concrete; his reason to his own mother being, "The little b!tch looked at me funny!" On her tenth birthday, Jason payed a visit to Sara's father, telling him that he caught Sara stealing from the local candy store. That night ended in a broken arm and a trip to the hospital. At her father's funeral, twelve year old Sara was reminded by sixteen year old Jason, that it was her fault that she was all alone now; no one had loved her and no one ever would. But he was wrong, and Sara had proved him wrong, twenty-three years later. She had her own family that loved her, flaws and all. Though it took her a while to realize that. Sara finally pulled into her mother's driveway, and as if on cue, a window next door shatters, with none other than Jason Hughes's voice echoing through.

               He still lived there, and behaved no different than he was younger. But this time, instead of Sara receiving the abuse, it was the man's new girlfriend. Twenty-eight year old Emma Wilson, a fragile, beautiful girl, who now fell victim to this terrible man's anger. Sara had tried numerous times throughout her stay to convince the girl to leave him; but fear overpowered her need for her own safety and she was trapped. Abandoning the groceries in the safety of her car, Sara approached Jason's house. She would reach out to this woman one last time before she leaves, whispering to herself what her mother used to tell her when she was younger,

               "Keep your head high honey; cause there are people who would kill to see you fall."


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #7 on: October 25, 2008, 09:01:11 PM »
this is the first time i'm reading it.  good start!


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #8 on: October 25, 2008, 09:17:48 PM »
Chapter 2:

               Carefully stepping over the pieces of broken glass as she crosses in front of the recently broken window, Sara approaches the door to Jason Hughes's house, and rapidly knocks on the door. Not two seconds later, a tall, dark-haired man opened the door. Sporting a sly smile with piercing green eyes, he would be considered a good-looking, clean-cut man out in the public eye. But a good look behind closed doors would show the flip-side of this terrible man.

               "Hello, Sara," he began; you could smell the alcohol on his breath, "what can I do for y-"

               "Where's Emma?" Sara quickly demanded. He calmly responded by narrowing his eyes at her and taking another swig of his beer.

               "I don't think I like your tone." he said as he leaned up against his doorframe, drank a bit more of his beer, and crossed his arms over his chest.

               "Stop playing games with me Jason. Now, where is Emma?" Sara replied, growing more impatient by the second. Peering behind him, she could see an overturned coffee table, with a broken vase on the floor beside it. Giving Sara a scowl, Jason took a small step back, blocking her view.

               "She's busy." he answered while proceeding to close the door. But at the last moment, Sara wedged her foot between the door and it's frame, as her hand slammed onto the door, keeping it open. She was not going to take that as an answer.

               "Ok. Jason, listen up. I am going to give you two options, okay? So pick wisely. Door number one; you refuse to let me speak with Emma, I go home, call the cops, and turn you in for any rotten little thing I can get you for. Hear that? Or, door number two; you can let me talk to Emma. So what will it be? Jail time for you? Or talking time for me?" Sara finished with cold eyes and clenched teeth. After a moment, Jason's death grip on the door, softened as he swung it open.

               "She's in the dining room." he reluctantly said, "You have five minutes." he told her coldly. Without any further negotiations, Sara quickly found her own way into the dining room. The petite twenty-eight year old was on all fours, picking up pieces of broken glass with her bare hands. As Sara began to slowly approach her, she observed Emma's wrists; they were red and bruised. When Sara reached her, she touched the young woman's shoulder and was startled by the reaction she received.

               "I-I'm sorry Jason. It w-was my f-fault. And I d-deserved it." Emma stammered out.


               "Sara," Emma gasped as she turned to look at Sara; eyes wide, as well as red and puffy. She was a very beautiful woman. Shoulder-length blonde hair framed her small face, and deep brown eyes that much resembled Sara's. She was small, too, about 5'2", and thin also.

               "Emma. I thought you said you'd leave him if he hit you again?" Sara continued, voice barely above a whisper, to make sure Jason couldn't hear. She crouched down to Emma's level, "You deserve much better than this." She added as she brushed some hair out of Emma's face and pushed it behind her ear. The girl gave her a weak smile, but it quickly faded.

               "I'm trying, Sara, I-I really am." Emma responded. She sounded desperate, yet sincere. She really was trying. "But if I leave him, he'll probably kill me." Emma said in a low whisper. This girl was miserable and scared beyond belief. Sara sighed,

               "Well hun, I'm here to say goodbye. I'm leaving tonight for Las Vegas, and I might not be back for a long time. But if you ever need anything-- anything at all-- you just call me, okay? I'll be here in a heartbeat." She said, while handing Emma a slip of paper with her cell phone number on it.

               "Oh, Sara," Emma said while giving Sara a hug, "thank you for all of your help. And I promise I'll call you when I get out of this hell." She said while holding Sara tighter. Though their goodbye became shortlived when they heard a glass shatter. Startled they both jumped and faced the doorway, where Jason was standing. A broken beer bottle lay on the floor.

               "Time's up." He said; his words slurred. "Now get the hell out of my house, Sara," he managed to say through his drunken haze. "and Emma, clean this up." he said gesturing towards the recently smashed bottle.

               "Bye, Sara."

               "Goodbye, Emma." Sara told her as she offered her a small smile of her own. She then exited through the dining room, began to walk towards the door, stopped and turned to face Jason, who was slowly approaching her. Sara would try one last time to set him straight.

               "Listen, you. If I hear that you layed just one more finger on her I will call the cops and get you put away for the rest of your life. Just because you made my life hell, does not give you the right to do that to someone else." her finger pointed accusingly at him. He then began to laugh, a cold, terrible laugh.

               "Sara, Sara, Sara. You were just never good enough for me." Jason said, bringing his hand up to her chin and making her look him straight in the eye. Sara then jerked her head to the side, and pushed his hand away from her face.

               "Don't touch me," she said quickly. Then proceeding to reach for the doorknob he grabbed her wrist and yanked her back towards him. She tried to pull away but wasn't strong enough, especially in comparison to Jason. He then pulled Sara until she was no more than six inches away from his face.

               "You're walking on thin ice, Sidle." he warned her. "Don't push me." Jason then, with Sara's wrist still firmly in his grasp, opened the door and practically threw her onto the porch, slamming the door behind him. Finding her balance, Sara began the short walk back to the car to retrieve her groceries. She wouldn't let her encounter scare her;

               You're almost done, she kept telling herself. Though when attempting to pick up the grocery nag, a quick, sharp pain flew up her arm. "Damnit," she cursed under her breath as she dropped the bag just outside her car. "Must be sprained," she said to herself as she examined her red wrist. Taking the bag into her other hand, Sara walked inside of her mother's house and placed it onto the kitchen table. She then stepped up to the sink and looked out of the window that was positioned just above it. The sky was gradually getting darker as a storm was approaching.

               " Flash-flood warnings have been issued for the city and surrounding desert areas..." The TV in the breakroom was informing a few members of the nightshift about Las Vegas's soon-to-be, horrible weather.

               "Well that cancels any plans for tonight." Warrick said, while sitting down on the breakroom's couch.

               "Aw man! Does that mean no going to Franks? I haven't eaten anything in almost 24 hours and I am not about to settle for a TV dinner at home!" Greg said as he leaned back into his chair and propped his feet up onto the table.

               "I'm still up for it, Greg. But, if we do go, you're driving." Catherine told him, as she handed him a cup of coffee and took a seat across from him at the table, with a cup of her own.

               "Well then, I'm only in if Nick is;" and as Warrick said this, Nick walks eagerly into the room, "speak of the devil..."

               "Ok!" Nick said, clasping his hands together in front of him, "food time! Who's driving?"

               "Greg." Both Warrick and Catherine say at once.

                "Well then, let's get going so we can beat the storm." Nick suggests.

               "You guys go ahead and bring the car out front. I'm going to pry Grissom out of his office." Catherine told him as she starts on her was towards his office, suprisingly finiding him in the hallway, closing his door.

               "Hey, Grissom!" Catherine says as she approaches him, "me and the guys are heading to Frank's, why don't you join us?" she suggests. Grissom raised an eyebrow and simply told her,

               "It's going to rain."

               "I know that." her response earned her a second raised eyebrow. "What's your point? Now, come on." Catherine says, just about pushing him through the hallway.

               "Okay, okay Cath! I'm coming." he says as he gives in. He wouldn't have won that no matter what. Catherine smiled to herself.

               "Alright then. Let's get going."

Hey everyone! That's all I'm gonna post for now. I know some of you have already read this part, but I'm going to keep the pace slow for my new readers; maybe a couple of chapters a day or so. But don't worry! It'll all eventually catch up, & then I'll start posting the new chapters! :D
So comment & let me know who's reading out there! :)


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #9 on: October 25, 2008, 09:36:30 PM »
i was reading this one on the old board, its good to read it again, i really like it ,keep posting!


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #10 on: October 25, 2008, 11:31:14 PM »
Uh, you can kill me, but I can't wait for the moment where she find out that she's not dead, but she must be quickly if she wants to live. And also when she speaks with Grissom and he thinks where's she, why didn't she call... And my favourite one, when he listen messages that Sara left to him... Very touching :'(


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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #11 on: October 26, 2008, 07:12:20 AM »
This is new to me, wow how did I miss it before.  Please continue, fast or slow, don't mind.



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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #12 on: October 26, 2008, 12:20:32 PM »

Can't wait to read more. I thought at first that Gil would have bad memories with the flashflood warnings.

Can't wait for an update



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Re: The Invisible
« Reply #13 on: October 26, 2008, 02:58:49 PM »
Chapter 3:

               Sara then proceeded to run some warm water over her swollen wrist in hope of having the notion help in any way possible. She then began to search through the cabinets of the kitchen, looking for a first aid kit. Finding it, she set it on the table, and opened it, hoping to find something to wrap her wrist in.

               "Let me guess," a voice behind Sara made her jump. "Jason?" Laura Sidle seemed to already know the answer to her own question. During Sara's stay with her, she had been filled in on just about everything that he had done to Sara all of those years ago. Laura was also aware of the fact that Sara was trying to help out Emma. Trying, but failing miserably.

               "Mom, don't start." Sara simply said. She had heard the lecture before and was not about to hear it again.

               "I understand what you're doing, but It's a lost cause--"

               "I only went to say goodbye to Emma."

               "Yet, you returned with a sprained wrist."

               "And I told him not to touch her." Sara added. Laura just sighed.

               "Let it go." This caused Sara to snap.

               "Let it go? Let it go? Oh no, no, no, no. You did not just tell me to let it go. You of all people!" Sara said as she raised her voice and took a step towards her mother. Laura Sidle sighed and remained silent. Laura was of average height, around 5'5", with dark brown hair laced with grey. She and Sara shared the same eyes, and looked very much alike, besides the gap that Sara had between her teeth. They were even both very stubborn; definitely, mother and daughter.


               "It has taken me a long time to get over dad's death, and even what he did to us and the pain he caused, as well as all of the other things that have happened to me since then. But, I do not 'let things go', very easily." Sara said, tears in her eyes.

               Damn, no. Not again. She thought to herself, trying to hold the tears back. "Excuse me." Sara says to her mom as she exits the kitchen and walks up the stairs to her 'room' where she closes the door. Sitting on the bed, Sara couldn't help but laugh at herself. She couldn't count, or let alone remember, how many times she had escaped to this room, years ago, when she tried to get away from her family. She laid down on the bed, face up to the ceiling, staring into space. She didn't even notice when her mother opened the door and sat down on the bed next to her.

               "You should probably get your things together," Laura said to her. She offered Sara a small smile, "You don't want to miss you flight." Sara didn't react. She closed her eyes and began,

               "I just don't want the same thing to happen to her. I don't want her to just snap one day and kill him." Sara sighed, "I want her to get out of that hell." She said as she let a tear roll down her face and onto the comforter that lay on top of the bed. Sara sat up and faced her mother.
"Oh honey," Laura said as she pulled Sara close to her, "I'm so sorry. I should have left as soon as I had the chance, I'm sorry." She said as she held her daughter close. Staying still for a few moments, they finally parted. "Come on," Laura said, "I'll drive you to the airport."

               A half of an hour later, the two of them were entering the parking lot of the airport. Laura stopped the car as she pulled up along the building. "Well, here we are." Laura said. "Now I want you to call me as soon as soon as your flight lands, okay?" This made Sara smile.

               "I promise."

               "I'll talk to you later, kiddo."

               "Bye." And then not a minute later she was watching her mother drive away and was standing all alone.

               Here we go, Sara thought as she picked up her bag and headed into the building. Five minutes later Sara was staring at something that caused her some frustration, she had just been informed that her flight had been cancelled due to the weather.

               "Just perfect."

               "Earth to Grissom," Greg said, waving his hands in front of Grissom's face.

               "Huh?" Grissom responded; definitely in his own little world.

               "What are you ordering?" Greg says as he notions towards the waitress standing at the end of their booth, pen and paper in hand.

               "Oh, um..." Grissom quickly glances down towards his menu, "I'll just have a coffee, please." he finally orders. The waitress then collected their menus and walked away with their orders.

               "Well, you're totally 'with it' today." Catherine teases.

               "I'm just tired."

               "Just tired?"


               "Yes?" she asks his, head to the side, feigning ignorance.

               "Nothing," Grissom finishes as he shakes his head. Catherine was about to say something when a loud roar of thunder shakes the diner. Moments later, the lights begin to flicker off and back on.

               "We better get our food before the power goes completely out!" Nick says, while the lights, once again, flicker off and then back on again.

               "Well I'm definitely not looking forward to driving in this." Greg says as he looks out at the rain pelting the windows. As they continue their conversation, Grissom zoned out again. His attention was caught by the weather woman on the TV.

               "Three thunderstorms are converging and heading right for us. So, up to three inches of rain. They're expected to hit in the next eight hours. Flash-flood warnings have been issued for the city and surrounding desert areas..." the last time he heard those exact words was, "...May 18th of last year was the last time that we had a storm this bad..."

               That day, he thought to himself, that horrible day. For a moment all he saw was the miniature, lots of rain, Natalie, the desert, and Sara's limp body laying in her hospital bed. He closed his eyes tight for a moment and tried to shake the images from his head. He felt the beginning of a bad migraine coming on. Just perfect, he thought to himself.


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Re: The Invisible
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great so far ,you nearly caught up to where you left it last time just a few more chapters please continue  ::)