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General Discussion / Re: CSI RETURNS!!!
« on: June 22, 2021, 10:18:35 PM »
And this photo is all over Facebook today--posted by the guy in the photo. Notice the ring on Grissom's finger!

General Discussion / Re: CSI RETURNS!!!
« on: June 22, 2021, 10:17:10 PM »
No word on George, Eric, or Marg.

This was reported in ShowBiz CheatSheet today:
The crime drama will be the fifth entry in the CSI franchise, and it will follow a dedicated team of forensic investigators. A few of the beloved characters will make a return, and the show will introduce new ones as well.

William Petersen is one of the original cast members, and he will reprise his role as Gil Grissom. Fans will get to see the character solve grisly crimes as a forensic entomologist. Of course, his wife, Sara Sidle, also will appear in the new series. Jorja Fox will come back to portray Sara.

From seasons 3 to 15, David Hodges worked with the forensic team as a trace technician. Fans can expect Wallace Langham to return as the germ-fearing character. It does not seem like any of the other original stars will reprise their roles. There is a chance they may make a surprise appearance or could get mentioned by other protagonists.

General Discussion / Re: CSI RETURNS!!!
« on: June 17, 2021, 08:20:09 PM »
You have better vision than me!  I can't see a ring.

Enlarge the photo, crop it around Grissom's hand--a ring is on his finger. It's funny that Jorja has managed to hide her hand in all the photos--but the gold glint is on Petersen's finger.

General Discussion / Re: CSI RETURNS!!!
« on: June 17, 2021, 08:18:03 PM »
The working title is "Honeymoon in Vegas"--and that can change!

General Discussion / Re: CSI RETURNS!!!
« on: June 17, 2021, 01:30:01 PM »
another photo and bit of info from here:  Not only is Petersen wearing a cap--he's got a ring on his finger! He and Jorja looking good!

General Discussion / Re: CSI RETURNS!!!
« on: May 22, 2021, 08:20:56 PM »
We have a promo:

And additional comments from Jorja--appears she has returned to work and perhaps Brass is involved! No Petersen in the filming scenes for this promo --I think he will show up for a few minutes for 2-3 episodes. It does look like the new show will go to full length series (That means 16-18 episodes now!)

From Jorja: “Sara is coming from the great wide open, the land of the unknown,” Fox teases. “She gets a phone call from a friend who is in trouble, a friend that the audience may recognize and love a lot, and next thing you know she finds herself at the lab and she meets this new dynamic, compelling, intriguing force of criminalists that are on the front lines of fighting crime in Vegas.”

General Discussion / CSI RETURNS!!!
« on: April 01, 2021, 11:18:04 AM »
Even if Grissom and Sara appear for 30 minutes, I'm excited to see them on screen again!

And now--I'll share another bit of news: two years ago, Petersen's wife joined a CSI fan page I have on Facebook. She liked a lot of photos and occasionally posted a comment. One day she asked the source for some of the photos I'd posted--I told her. After that contact, I would ask a question (simple stuff) and she'd answer--she was home-schooling their kids, Petersen was working on a Zoom play, their kids were taking piano lessons online. Last year, she sent a message that a reboot of CSI was in the works--and several times during the past year, she's sent similar messages about this reboot project.

And yesterday, she sent a short message "It's happening" several hours before the official announcement came out. She said 'we are excited--it won't be the original but it looks like a great series'.
So--if Gina is onboard with this reboot, I think Petersen is ready for it.

Here's a recent glimpse of Petersen at the 40.00 mark!

General Discussion / Re: Safety report
« on: February 11, 2021, 07:31:20 PM »
Hope everyone is getting vaccinated-- the 2nd one is more likely to cause flu-like symptoms which leave as quickly as it arrives.

Has anyone heard from the dear old Professor lately?

General Discussion / Re: Safety report
« on: January 11, 2021, 01:52:23 PM »
COVID vaccines are getting out to people-- get yours! My grandmother got hers and said she's been vaccinated so many times for so many things, this one was barely a mosquito bite!

As a healthcare worker, I got one the week before Christmas, so far--have not sprouted feathers or become more lizard like! (Remember the lizard episode on CSI-- Leapin' Lizards? When all the politicians shape-shifted into lizards?-- Isn't it wonderful we can still make references to CSI that are relevant today! LOL!)

General Discussion / Re: End of the month
« on: November 16, 2020, 07:16:03 PM »
Happy Thanksgiving coming up!!! Stay safe, everyone!! Wear your mask! Wash your hands! This stuff is bad.

General Discussion / Re: Safety report
« on: October 26, 2020, 02:37:21 PM »
Hope everyone is staying healthy!!

General Discussion / Re: Safety report
« on: September 24, 2020, 01:08:11 AM »
We are fine and recovering down on the gulf coast! A bit of wind, water, and no power for 5 days is about the most normal thing to happen in 2020!!
I'm still hoping for a CSI reunion celebrating 20 years since the first season-- if wishes could make it happen...we'd be watching a new CSI already!!

Take care, everyone! Wear your mask! Stay out of crowds-- we'll beat COVID-19 too!

Petersen won't have a play in Nov-December --everything is canceled and Steppenwolf is going to try a 'broadcast' play by subscription. Petersen is scheduled for a two man play in June, 2021.

So that leave CSI reunion/short series. I think it will be filmed late this year (2020) and aired in early 2021.

Other news: Marg's long-time dog died in late August. She posted a comment that her dog had been with her for years (14-15) and she'd had many changes but her dog was always there.

Petersen's twins are in online school for 3rd grade. And building mosaics and swords and shields while studying the Romans. And building Lego-Harry Potter stop action videos.

One of the news/entertainment reports (that I've misplaced) said the CSI reunion would probably come in 2021 because so little was being filmed in Hollywood.

I'm thinking Jorja and Petersen are the key to a new episode or limited series and if they sign on, some of the others will be added.

A few weeks ago, CBS reported how Tyler Perry was filming in Atlanta and doing it safely. The entire cast and crew were isolated during filming for 2-3 weeks. So if Tyler Perry can do it safely, the Hollywood powers that be should be able to do the same thing!

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