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General Discussion / CSI RETURNS!!!
« on: April 01, 2021, 11:18:04 AM »
Even if Grissom and Sara appear for 30 minutes, I'm excited to see them on screen again!

And now--I'll share another bit of news: two years ago, Petersen's wife joined a CSI fan page I have on Facebook. She liked a lot of photos and occasionally posted a comment. One day she asked the source for some of the photos I'd posted--I told her. After that contact, I would ask a question (simple stuff) and she'd answer--she was home-schooling their kids, Petersen was working on a Zoom play, their kids were taking piano lessons online. Last year, she sent a message that a reboot of CSI was in the works--and several times during the past year, she's sent similar messages about this reboot project.

And yesterday, she sent a short message "It's happening" several hours before the official announcement came out. She said 'we are excited--it won't be the original but it looks like a great series'.
So--if Gina is onboard with this reboot, I think Petersen is ready for it.

Here's a recent glimpse of Petersen at the 40.00 mark!

General Discussion / Jorja and Petersen at The Animal People movie
« on: December 06, 2019, 05:34:25 PM »
At the Santa Monica Film Festival last week-- Jorja and Petersen showed up!

General Discussion / Facebook fan page CSI: Revisit the Original
« on: November 14, 2019, 02:52:19 PM »
This is a fansite of CSI photos. At some point Gina Cirone (yes, the wife) followed the page. Occasionally, she likes/loves photos and very rarely she will comment. First time was about Bruno the dog.

Today, she posted this comment:

Gina Cirone It would be incredible if they did a CSI 20 years after original release to see how much the lab and the characters have changed.

CSI: Revist the original I'm hoping it will be sooner than later! Always ready for a new CSI.

Julia Smith That would be so awesome. I'm sure the cast (original cast) would love to get together again. The movie was good but this would be even better!!!

Off Topic / Happy Happy Birthday to you!!
« on: July 11, 2019, 12:12:20 AM »
Anna-- I think it is your birthday-- or it will be soon! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with cake, candles and fun!


General Discussion / Petersen has been in Springfield, IL
« on: April 05, 2019, 01:48:10 PM »
He was with an arts group lobbying the legislators to support the arts!

General Discussion / George and Jorja news
« on: January 10, 2019, 08:17:48 PM »
George has left MacGuyver series and is now making a movie about the Korean War.

Jorja is wrapping up a movie (titled 3022, I think) that is a science fiction movie.

And I'm still watching old CSI's before Grissom/Petersen left! LOL!

Off Topic / What's your job-career-profession?
« on: July 05, 2014, 09:33:11 AM »
O-F suggested I tell everyone about my job! (Thanks, O-F!)

I work as a lab technologist for the local health department (full-time, with benefits!) now that I've graduated from college (master's degree, yes)!!

Most of the time I am checking water samples--lots of that work with all the beaches, bays, rivers, water-wells in the area. When other areas get backed up, I work there as well--any infectious disease, animal testing, mold testing. It's surprising what gets brought in for testing.

I work with a great group, most have been enjoying their work for years.

Now, what does everyone else do?

Fan Fic / An Unusual Sequence of Events
« on: April 04, 2012, 06:08:24 PM »
A/N: Of course we do not own CSI nor its characters; just having a little fun! Short story, several chapters, set after "Malice in Wonderland" and a reason for the plant! Thanks for reading.

An Unusual Sequence of Events
Turmoil: A state of great confusion

Chapter 1:

The rain came early, unexpected, and weeks before the traditional start of the season, thus no one was prepared for the sudden intensity or magnitude of it. And it rained without ceasing for five days and nights—torrential downpours that made walking on flat ground tricky and traversing a mountainside precariously dangerous. The storm began in the north where dark sullen clouds lay over treetops and mountain villages disappeared in a rain-soaked miasma and then it drifted south, heavier with rain, rolling down the valley. As the storm gathered strength and grew, the group of researchers had worked feverishly to cover several shallow trenches with stout tarps only to see water fall so fast and furious in the first hour of the storm that their work had been for nothing.

Thinking the storm would pass, the first night, as the constant racket of rain and thunder kept them from sleeping, they had talked—of nothing important—of the weather, of life away from this place, of the extra time it would take to excavate the water filled troughs. Or, one suggested, perhaps the rain and mud would prove to be helpful in closing down this site for the season. They had already talked about covering the trenches in loose dirt making their work nearly invisible to anyone looking for artifacts. Not that this dig in the mountainside held any treasure or ancient relics of value to anyone other than researchers, but some of the locals believed the simple presence of these strangers meant there was something to be found worthy of all the manual labor they did.

By the third day, when solar powered satellite phones had been drained of power and the fuel indicator for the small gas range moved into the red bar and the flame sputtered out before coffee was made, they talked of walking into the nearest village—an easy thirty minutes walk in good weather—but decided to wait because surely the rain would cease by the fourth day. It did not.

They were an optimistic group of men—pessimistic people did not traipse all over the world in search of the unknown and certainly not in search of long dead insects—so they waited, talked, read, slept and ate cold food from cans. Several times one man or another commented about how easy it was for men—women, they agreed, would have a tough time in all this rain and mud. No one admitted to missing a wife, but as they were all married men, each one knew the truth. Each one thought about a worried spouse, the one person who would be waiting, puzzled by the lack of a phone call as a third day stretched to a fourth. But none of the men voiced this very intimate concern as they resolved in various ways to wait out this storm.

In their isolation, they had no way of knowing the nation-wide disaster made by torrential rains—overflowing rivers, muddy landslides, sections of roads washed away, entire villages crumbling, and in the country's capitol, the end of an airport runway was simply swept away into a steep mountain valley. Thousands of people lost homes, hundreds were dead or missing; life as it was vanished as the rain continued into the fifth day.

That night Gil Grissom stood in the doorway and watched as darkly opaque sheets of rain created a waterfall along the sloping canvas edge of the narrow porch. At least the building was elevated several feet above the ground, he thought, as water dug deep rivulets into the muddy ground. He swatted a fly on his thigh, thankful for the only dry item of clothing he had remaining—a pair of black silky boxer shorts his wife had insisted he pack because the fabric would dry almost immediately. Everything else was damp or wet and muddy and hanging from pegs and hangers in a futile attempt to dry in one hundred percent humidity.

The other men were soundly sleeping judging from the snores and deep sighs coming from the bedrooms, but he could not sleep—not when his thoughts were thousands of miles away in Las Vegas. Not when he had promised to return on time, no delays this time. He wiped a hand across his face.

He missed his wife. She would know why he had not returned; their last conversation had been about the sudden storm and weather reports were easy to follow—and she would understand. She would tell him "It's okay—a few weeks and we'll try again." But he knew she would be disappointed, saddened again by a missed opportunity. Not angry—Sara would never be angry with him and, he admitted, he often took advantage of that sweet trait of her personality. He smiled imagining her face when she heard this story as she pulled his dirty clothes out of his suitcase—more than once she had met him in a strange city with clean shirts and pants because she insisted he would not be allowed to fly in the nasty, smelly clothing he had worked in for weeks.

Sara made him respectable, he thought with a smile. Going back into the small building, he ambled into one of the small bedrooms in search of an empty bed. The sheets were damp and chilly and reminded him again of the warm bed and body waiting for him at home. Sara waited—gentle, sweet Sara, patiently waiting as she had done for so many years—for him. He still found it troubling at how close he came to losing her forever, and in his isolated loneliness, he could not sleep.

Desperately, he wanted to do the one thing for her she desired, and plans had been made, doctor's appointments kept, bad news and good news led to extensive testing and a round of fertility medications, and then a second try when the first did not succeed. He understood fully the window of opportunity, especially for Sara, for women of a certain age, and he had promised a quick trip and return, back in bed with her and let nature take its course—with a little assistance, of course.

As he lay in bed, beads of sweat forming along his hairline, he thought of Sara, reliving some of their moments together—the way her face looked at climax, when she thought of something that excited her, the way she announced she wanted a child. Only Sara would do it with a book—his book—two copies, exquisitely bound and printed, one for him and one for their future child.

With snoring men on either side of the thin walls, he tossed and turned, tangled in the sheets, tried to plump his pillow, attempted to count sheep, before the steady deluge of rain beating on the metal roof finally put him to sleep. Not where he wanted to be…not where he wanted to be…not what he wanted…

Suddenly, he jerked awake, instantly alert to the sounds of a door slamming shut. The chair creaked and groaned as he struggled to get up; the Barcolounger had seen better days but he refused to give it up; it fit his form, he insisted. He stuck his feet into an old pair of sandals as he heard a voice—a screech from his wife.

"Get in here, Gil! All these groceries are for you! Get out of that damn chair and bring them into the kitchen!" Her loud yell grated on his nerves, but he hiked his shorts and headed to the kitchen. The dog, well aware of the scolding he would get for entering the kitchen, lifted his big head, gave a quiet moan, and resumed his nap next to the chair.

A quick imagine entered Grissom's mind. He wished he could jump this ship—a tropical island, cool breeze moving a hammock while he drank a beer and watched lovely women—real women with hips and breasts and luscious smiling lips. Instead, he answered, "Yes dear. Whatever you want—how about tea? Would you like some tea?"

His wife gave him a penetrating stare. "What have you been doing? You know my temp is up—we got to do it quickly! You better not be drinking beer—or anything else! Are you wearing those boxers I got you? This had better work this time. I'm the one taking the shots and doing everything while you sit around the house! Are you going to bring in the groceries or do I have to tell you to do everything?" She paused for a quick breath. "I'm getting in bed. Get yourself ready. I hope you took a shower while I was gone."

She continued to talk as he ducked into the garage. Groceries consisted of crackers and soup. Several times he had tried to tell her she was too thin—anorexic, her physician said. But she insisted she was small boned—yeah, right, she was half the size now from the time they met. With fertility treatments, she had gained some weight but in bed she still felt more like a coat hanger than a woman.

In the beginning he had been enthusiastic about a baby, his baby, their baby—it would make them a real family—give his wife a way to spend her days while he worked. But now, when they realized it would not be easy, it consumed every thought and action she had. Their lovemaking had turned into an ordeal regulated by time, temperature, and temper. Not what he had imagined. He opened the car door and began removing sacks of groceries; not that she bought real food. Everything was low calories or no calorie—he couldn't remember the last piece of chicken he had eaten that had any taste to it.

Taking longer than necessary, he daydreamed, asking himself how his life had turned into this frightful chaos. Who was this skinny woman in his house? Some long forgotten girlfriend he had never intended to marry! This was not where he wanted to be…

....more to come...

Fan Fic / All Hallows Eve
« on: October 15, 2011, 11:05:26 PM »
Here's a little fanfic story we are writing, 4 short chapters, and we'll post each chapter here--ending right before Halloween! We think DB is the kind of boss who would have a Halloween party!

Chapter 1:

The brightly colored envelopes had been handed to everyone in the lab at the end of the night shift, so Sara knew from all the excitement generated about the party invitations. A party—given by the new boss and his wife to celebrate their move to Vegas and, Sara’s eyes rolled, a Halloween costume party.

Skipping the party was her first thought but opting out of the new supervisor’s first soirée was not a wise career decision and she actually liked him. While the last thing she wanted to do was dress up in some gaudy costume with others, even if they were friends, she knew D.B. was sincere in his attempts to connect with everyone in the lab. Nick had read the invitation aloud and when he read the last sentences, all of them sat in surprised silence.

He read, “Costumes a must! But please no fluffy kittens or fuzzy puppies!” Nick looked up, “What does that mean?” He continued, “With Ecklie’s blessing, day and swing supervisors and CSIs have agreed to cover three hours of night shift so the party can continue until midnight.” Nick was smiling as he finished.

Catherine was already laughing. “It means the Russell’s are not into plushies and furries!”

Everyone laughed and the excitement started; quickly, two of the lab techs joined them with ideas and suggestions. Sara’s second or third eye roll was not missed by Catherine.

“Come on, Sara. It’ll be fun. We haven’t had a dress-up party in years!”

Catherine’s comment caused another eye roll; Sara knew but asked “How long ago was that?” She remembered Catherine had dressed as a dominatrix and bets were made about the authenticity of her costume. She also remembered how impressed Grissom had been with Catherine’s costume.

Nick edged between the two women. “This will be fun! Sara, you can come as Red Riding Hood!”

“What? I don’t think so! And why Red Riding Hood?”

He chuckled. “Since the invite is for us and a guest, I thought you could bring Miz Betty as the grandmother!” He laughed at his joke and ducked behind Catherine to avoid an elbow poke from Sara.

Sara scowled. She and her mother-in-law had reached a level of reserved ease but attending a costume party together was out of the question. “I don’t think so—I’ll tell you what—why don’t you ask her to come as Bonnie to your Clyde?”

“Stop—stop!” Laughing, he backed away. “You will come, right? I’m coming for you if you are not there!”

She and Catherine walked a few more steps. “Will Grissom be home? It would be great to see him. And he and D.B. would have a lot in common.”

Normally, Sara kept quiet about her husband’s whereabouts; even when he was home, she did not announce it. The first months after she had returned, the teasing has been enough to last her a life time.

“Maybe he’ll be at home.”

Catherine caught her arm, gently pulling Sara into an office. “Don’t you miss him? After all the years we worked together, I miss him every day—and you—how?”

As Sara folded her arms across her chest, Catherine glimpsed a second of conflict in the eyes of her co-worker; just as quickly it disappeared.

“We’re doing fine, Catherine. And yes, I miss him very much when he’s gone, but when we talk—I know he’s happy—excited—doing things he’s dreamed of doing for years. I would not keep him here for—for all the gold chips at the Bellagio!”

Catherine persisted, “But why do you stay?”

Sara laughed softly. “Because I need to—want to. Practical reasons—insurance, Hank, Betty, my mother, the condo—a paycheck.” She laughed again. “And I’ve never loved bugs the way Gil does.”

“But he’s away so much!”

“We’re together at least once a month—sometimes more often if we can. Right now, he’s in Peru where they are finding an amazing variety of insects in an area no one has ever studied. Catherine, if you could hear his excitement—when I do, I know why he’s there and I’m as happy as he is.”

“I couldn’t do it,” Catherine declared. “I want a man in my bed with me a lot more often than every four weeks!”

Sara laughed. “Any man or is it still one particular man?”

With a laugh, Catherine shrugged. “We’re good too.” Her phone appeared in her hand. “I need to make sure he has the party night off.”

“Yeah, you two can come as Cleopatra and Mark Antony.”

Catherine grinned. “You think so?”

Sara saw Hodges heading their direction, waving the orange envelope. “I’ve got to go—see you tomorrow,” she said and headed in the opposite direction.

Once in her car, she drove home, walked to the dog-sitter’s and picked up Hank. Together they spent an hour in the park with the dog sniffing every plant and post in the area as Sara let him roam on a long leash. At home she checked messages and found none. She knew there would be one at some point; her husband was somewhere in Peru, near its northern border with Ecuador. His last video message had been several days ago but she knew he was in a remote mountainous jungle area where satellite signals were often disrupted by weather, the jungle, who knows what else. She sent a quick message about work and the impending party, but decided not to mention the costume part of it.

She clicked ‘send’ and almost immediately a video message appeared in her box. She opened it, watched and listened as her husband described a hike in the rain, with a camera recording his steps. As he walked, he talked about what he was seeing—plants, orchids, frogs, birds—stopping to record a small hummingbird and resuming his walk with “You won’t believe your eyes, Sara.” The screen filled; against the unbroken green of the forest, richly colored butterflies and jewel bright birds flashed like magic touches of paint. The camera moved upward to a pale cloudless sky, and then downward to show a long winding silver river in the far distance and the dark green of tree tops. His voice continued, “It’s absolutely breathtaking. This is the highest point in the area and we are working just below the summit.” His voice grew quieter, softened. “I think of you all the time, Sara. I can see your face, hear your voice.”

The camera jiggled and Sara heard new voices as others joined Grissom. She heard him say “I’m recording this to send to my wife.” The voices joined in a chorus of “hello” messages as the camera continued moving across the lush landscape. Grissom added, “More later” and the video clicked off. Not once had he put his face on camera.

Sara leaned back in her chair and sent another message. Sometimes she would get an immediate response; other times there was a delay. She clicked back to the video message and watched again. Several times she caught a glimpse of Grissom’s shoe as he walked on the path. She laughed as she realized she was watching his feet rather than what he was describing.

She got a drink from the kitchen and returned to the desk; no new message had been received. She called for Hank and crawled into bed, leaving the computer on. She might hear the ‘ding’ of an arriving message, she thought, as she drifted into sleep.

Fan Fic / Getting There--new fanfic
« on: January 16, 2011, 03:37:40 PM »

Fan Fic / New Year's Eve in Vegas
« on: January 06, 2010, 12:35:12 AM »
Just posted a new story--what we will not see on CSI--rated M. A short one:

Fan Fic / Possessions-a new fanfic
« on: November 20, 2009, 02:47:32 PM »
Chapter One is posted on fanfiction, click on the link!

Fan Fic / Halloween Party (GSR)
« on: October 06, 2009, 11:51:02 PM »
We have posted a short, complete story at to ilovegsr's challenge for something involving Grissom, Sara, vampires, and added a few fun things. It is rated M--for those over 13!

Who knows!! We might be the next Anne Rice!!


Fan Fic / A Few Days Continued
« on: September 13, 2009, 12:56:51 AM »
Posting a new one "A Few Days Continued, Time in the Triangle" at! Read and enjoy! Thanks

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